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Teacher Tab is designed to provide a consistent and high quality teaching experience in the classroom. TeacherTab standard has two components – The Lesson Plan and the Student Workbook.


Provides a structured method to conduct a lesson. This has Five sections
  • Learning Objectives: Key concepts expected to be learnt in the lesson
  • Introduction: Review of prior concepts and introducing the lesson in an engaging way
  • Guided Inquiry: Directed learning to uncover the main learning goals of the lesson
  • Synthesize: Review the main points
  • Reinforcements: Points that integrate the lesson plan with the student workbook


  • Specific worksheets for the students that are integrated with the lesson plan
  • Additional practice worksheets for the student to build rigour in their understanding
  • Modules for extended learning


TeacherTab Comprehensive has one additional component – The Study Booklet

  • Modular study material
  • Individual study booklets instead of a large textbook
  • Provides for focused learning and an ability to go in depth