23.4 Degrees strongly believes in the values that all work should reflect original thinking and approach to content development.

Every team member in the organisation is committed to these values and we take all possible precautions to ensure that the work delivered by 23.4 Degrees is high quality and original.

These precautions and values are delivered via a concrete set of steps that the team members take which are produced below. That said, there are some sections which are highly academic and published for centuries. Like laws, definitions etc. To take specific examples, the definition of Newton’s first law or the pinhole camera experiment are unlikely to be written uniquely in each publication. These sections are highly likely to be the same across publications and that will apply to our books as well.

We adhere to the following guidelines in our publications:

  •  Every content designer is rigorously trained in the principles/guidelines of authoring error-free and plagiarism free content
  •  Thorough research is conducted on every topic before creating content
  •  A chapter design and content flow document is created for every chapter
  •  For the design and flow, content is created. At this time, we might reference sources.
  •  If we reference from a source and summarise any content from there, we use our own words and our own grammatical structure to convey the points
  •  In addition to above,any source that is referenced and from where significant parts of a section are used, is acknowledged on our website.
  •  All images used are high quality images purchased from authentic sources or procured from license free sites. The individual licenses for each image are stored for reference. These sites are listed on our website

Each book published by 23.4 Degrees confirms to the above guidelines with reference to the content accessible online as of the date of publication.

Every precaution is taken to ensure that the content is error and plagiarism free. Deviation from the guidelines, if any, is completely inadvertent and beyond the scope of tools that are available to search the extremely vast body of knowledge published over centuries for the subjects in the K-10 segment. In case of any deviation from the published guidelines, the contending author can contact us at We take all deviations, minor or major seriously and an appropriate investigation would be conducted.  Based on the outcome, appropriate measures, if any needed, would be taken