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23.4⁰ is a rapidly growing firm in the education sector. The Education sector in India is poised at a crucial stage in its evolution. The growth of the Indian economy and upward movement of income levels is boosting spend on Education, which already accounts for the second-highest share of wallet for middle-class households and this presents a huge opportunity to education sector players. The sector is poised to grow to over $100 Billion.

What We do

The most critical element in the education system continues to be the teacher. She is the fulcrum around which any transformation in the education system needs to be driven. We partner with teachers to deliver a quantum leap in the teaching effectiveness.
Our solution will be a dashboard for all key activities for the teacher. Digital lesson plans are the first solution from 23.4⁰ The lesson plans draw from the best pedagogical practices from around the world such as The Teaching for Understanding framework from the Harvard School of Education, Principles of Blended Learning and Research from NeuroScience.
The lesson plans are delivered along with student workbooks to provide a highly integrated and effective lesson.


The Earth rotates around its axis at an angle of 23.4⁰. It is because of this tilt that seasons, and hence life is possible on our planet. Similarly, we believe that it is the teacher who can make the most powerful impact in the education system. Our initiatives are ‘tilted’ towards the teacher.
The right tilt makes all the difference!


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Meet Our Team
The firm is founded by alumni of IIM Ahmedabad & ISB (Indian School of Business) having deep passion for promoting meaningful education and extensive experience in making a contribution in the field. The team has deep experience in the sector and has launched highly successful products in education that have delivered stellar growth. The experience also involved working extensively very closely with hundreds of schools across India and the Gulf.
Manoj Jain
Manoj Jain